Jim Jones has $100,000 for any of his peer rappers who would beat him in rap battle


Capo is up for a challenge

believes he can crush anyone from his day who dares challenge him in a live battle. He took to Instagram January 15 to reveal that he has $ up for the challenge.

“Tell them old n***as get in the studio,” Jones said in a clip. “They trying to do everything but rap. I know nostalgia sells but that shit old, you heard? Come out and play. I could come to any studio I'm at. I'll cook any one of you n***as up from my era. And I got the bag to match it, you heard? This is a public service announcement: 2024, I'm giving out all smoke to you n***as from my era. What happened?”

In the caption, he wrote: “This is for everyone of you old n***as lol I want smoke bad,” he captioned the post. “Let's start wit 100k at any studio do it live for th people to judge lol. Let's see who excepts this challenge from my era my first album was 2004.”

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