Dame Dash believes Kanye West’s controversial behaviour is a result of bipolar condition


Dame Dash says Ye shouldn't be on camera when ‘triggered'

is part of the movement that believes 's controversial and often strange behaviour is a rendering of his bipolar condition.

“Now you know that man is bipolar,” Dame said in an interview on Willie D Live. “Why would you bring him to TMZ and ask him questions when you know he's triggered? He's clinically bipolar.

“I say slavery is a choice right now, but not slavery was a choice back then, right now. For us to think that there are masters is a choice right now, but I don't think he meant back then,” he added.

“Has anybody ever dealt with somebody that's bipolar?” Dame went on. “The one thing you don't do when someone's triggered is put them in front of cameras. The most dangerous thing for a bipolar person is money. A billionaire bipolar means while you're bipolar, everyone's still listening to you. A broke bipolar, they're putting you in the room until the ambulance comes.”

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