Kid Cudi phones Lupe Fiasco to squash their beef – ‘I apologized and he accepted it’


Cudi and Lupe end hostilities

and are no longer at odds. According to Cudi, he had a phone call with the Chicago rapper where he atoned for the mistakes on his end that created a rift between them.

“Just talked to Lupe,” Cudi wrote on X/ Saturday (January 20). “Had a great talk. I know I was wrong and told him I shouldnt have did that fuck shit I did. I called myself lookin out for the fans in the moment, but in reality I was just hating. I apologized and he accepted it. Which I appreciated foreal. I understand the anger and vitriol he had for me all these years, and I wasnt mature enough to step up and just have a conversation and admit I was wrong.

“We as men need to be united. He always had love for me. Always supported me. I shouldnt had did him like that. I wanna thank my guy IBN for settin the call up, and u, the fans, for being real me and urging us to speak. We are good now, brand new journey.”

Lupe later responded to Cudi with an acceptance of the truce. “Sincerely appreciate it my guy… [prayer-hand emoji] …peace & blessings…” he wrote.

The Cleveland rapper had attempted to reach Lupe via a series of posts earlier this week, which the latter said were “not enough.”

The two artists started feuding in 2014 when Lupe revealed that he was offering “personalized” verses for $500, before Cudi flamed him for “swindling” his fans, and their relationship soured ever since.

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