Hit-Boy says ‘producers get played’ as rappers make millions off of tours while they earn peanuts


Hit-Boy explains how producers are mistreated by labels

appeared on a recent episode of Back On Figg where he lamented how producers get paid little to nothing while rappers pocket big checks from tours that wouldn't happen without that both parties equally contributed to.

“Producers get played, bro,” Hit began. “I know other producers that's poppin that's complaining about albums that dropped months ago that none of us got paid off of. These n-ggas is out here touring and we out here trying to beg the label to pay us a measly, bullshit-ass fee. And these n-ggas is using the songs muthafuckas is producing and getting millions of dollars a night to perform when n-ggas gotta be in here scratching to survive.

“A lot of muthafukas act like they cool bro,” he added about rappers who don't give producers their due credit. “I done gave n-ggas real hits that I can't even get a hold of like that. That shit weird to me, personally.”

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