T-Pain ‘stopped taking credit’ for Country music because of racism


Pain insists all music is art

has never been shy of getting out of his comfort zone and try to cross over other genres. However, racism remains an obstacle and even refrained from taking credit from Country because of the same.

“Good music is good music. I don't give a fuck where it come from or what style it come in,” he began. “All the people I know feel like it's not cool to listen to other genres of music.

“Country music is where I get all my harmonies. Country and gospel music — that's where all my harmonies come from.”

He continued, “I done wrote a lot of country songs. Stopped taking credit for it because as cool as it is to see your name in those credits and shit like that, the racism that comes after it is just like — I'll just take the check. Don't put me on that shit; I'll just take the check, bro.”

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