Metro Boomin says TikTok encourages ‘forced pandering’ by ‘artists and labels’


Young Metro sees some flaw in TikTok music

recognizes talent in those who create fun clips on , but is disgraced with how, according to him, artists and record labels forcefully shove shallow and empty into the audience.

“I love the creativity and appreciation the kids for the music on TikTok but I don't like the forced pandering from artists and labels that results in these lifeless and soulless records,” he wrote on X/.

Metro's rant is a reaction to UMG's recent split with TikTok, leading to the pulling of music from , and .

UMG ended the contract after charging TikTok with financially benefiting from the label's music in their expense, as well as failing to protect artists from threats such as AI impersonation. In response, TikTok accused UMG of being motivated by greed.

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