Run-DMC rekindles plans to drop biopic


The group was previously hesitant to create biopic

Legendary group once had plans to release a biopic, but changed their minds saying they weren't keen to “jump on the biopic bandwagon.” Following the recent release of their new documentary King of Queens, group member told Allhiphop that they are now willing to tell their story through a biopic.

“Nah, a matter of fact, we talking about two biopics,” DMC said. “I didn't want to jump on a biopic bandwagon. That's why. After the documentary airs, you could tell a story. There's so many stories in the Run-DMC biopic though. So after this airs, what segment are you going to take out of this to do the biopic? You're going to tell D meets Run and this and that. That's impossible to tell. So a little teaser is maybe we'll do a biopic focusing on the Raising Hell years. That'll be very interesting.”

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