Jacques goes off on Trey Songz for allegedly pulling his hair during a fight – ‘Fuck Trey Songz’


Que claims he had a run-in with fellow R&B singer Trey Songz

It looks like Jacques and had a physical confrontation at a club Thursday night (February 1). Que took to Instagram in a since-deleted post claiming Trey ripped out his dreads during a fight. He didn't describe the incident in a very polite manner though.

“Fuck Trey Songz 😂😂😂,” he wrote under a photo of plucked dreads. “Can't come back to 😂😂😂 this n***a came in the club and said I got on a que fit lol whole time n***a hatting!! This man dancing introducing himself to n***as all type of shit bitch ass n***a and I gave that bitch ass n***a a compliment man fuck you pussy you a hoe boy that love be fake and this n***a pulled out my dread. …. You over wit in the A every we there from the A to NC to Florida all that shit.”

The “B.E.D” singer continued his rant in a follow-up video saying: “I want the world to know this bitch-ass n***a Trey Songz is a bitch,” he added. “Period. This n***a's a bitch, bro. This n***a came in the club talking about rape. Fuck you talking about rape for, bitch-ass n***a? Then you come outside the club and swing on your ‘lil brother. You's a bitch, the goat. … Fuck you bitch-ass n***a, you a rapist, bitch.”

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