N.O.R.E revisits advice Pharrel once gave him


Noreaga recieved valuable advice from Skateboard P

N.O.R.E had a recent sit-down with where he recalled a piece of advice Pharrel gave him back in the day. The two were discussing the latter's Neptunes-produced “Southern Hospitality,” when the former remembered Skateboard P tell him to “embrace his character,” which he did not understand at first.

“One of my biggest gripes with was, when I first got in the studio with him, he was like, ‘You have to embrace your character [like] how Busta embraces his character,'” he explained. “And I didn't understand 'cause I'm like, ‘I'm not a character; I'm just being who I am.'”

He added, “And Pharrell's like, ‘It doesn't matter who you think you are; it's how the people perceive you.' I never embraced my character. And from the moment I seen you from, ‘-w-w-what's your fantasy?' I was like, ‘This guy's embracing his character. He's doing exactly what Pharrell [told me].'”

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