Tyler, The Creator describes how Eminem, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, others influenced creation of Odd Future


Tyler recalls admiring idol crews

Tyler, The Creator explains how legends like , , and inspired his group Odd , which was also home to Earl Sweetheart, and Domo Genesis.

“Man, I grew up in the year 2000, I was eight turning nine,” he told on their Apple 1 Art of Intelligence. “So I'm looking at like eight, turning nine. So let's say it's 2002, 10 turning 11.”

He continued, “You've got Jay with the whole , you've got Shady, Aftermath, you have all these different crews that felt like family. Nas was bringing Queensbridge group like Jungle and them out. N-ggas had this thing. So in my formative years, I'm just watching these crews.

“And I'm from Los Angeles, so gang culture is already a prevalent thing, but I feel like just the main layer of that is a family-knitted thing like, ‘No, these are my boys, you come with me.'”

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