Ice Cube claps back hard at fan who accuses him of siding ‘with white supremacists’


Cube doesn't want to be associated with racists

's basketball Big 3 League will be back in June and along with CBS and Paramount+, it will also stream on X, formerly . When the former N..A member announced on social media that the league will stream on X, a fan slid in the comments charging him with “aligning with white supremacists.”

Cube responded with fury, writing, “Shut yo b-tch a– up! I ain't aligned with nothing, punk. I draw my own f-cking lines.”

The fan then elaborated their remark, stating, “I respect your response but just look and see who Elon connects himself to and tell me I'm wrong. I still have respect for Cube, always will. However I'm not blind to his who he aligns with. I like the Big 3, Both things can be right at the same time.”

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