Jermaine Dupri talks viral Super Bowl Halftime socks – ‘I’ve worn the socks before’


JD says he was just embracing fashion

supported during this year's Super Bowl LVIII Halftime . Apart from their thrilling performance, JD was going viral for the socks that he rocked during the big event.

During a recent conversation with Allhiphop, JD blamed people not understanding his dancing and fashion history for making a big deal out of the socks. “I never even thought nobody would say anything about the socks,” Dupri explained. “I've worn these socks before. And I actually believe that it's because a lack of information is being given to these kids.

“Because if people knew more about me, they would know I'm a dancer and I come from an era where dancers used to wear all kinda different stuff. Not where it might not have been cool for a rapper to wear, but it might've been cool for the dancer to wear,” he continued. “It might've been cool. I'm a kid. I grew up in Hip-Hop and fashion was a big part of my life. I'm also the same person that had the whole world wearing they clothes backwards. So when people talk about my socks, I'm like, ‘You do realize everybody told me that wearing your clothes backwards wasn't going to work?'”

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