Young Buck details obstacles in mending relationship with 50 Cent, says he’s ready to ‘tour and get money’ with G-Unit


Buck has no foul comments on 50

and have been at odds for years, but the former says he's ready to extend an olive branch, only the former's social media antics get on the way.

“It's just one of those situations where a lot has been said and done from my end as well as his,” Buck explained on The Ed Clay . “We've never had the chance to sit down and talk like men, face to face.

“50 does a lot of things social media-wise so it tends to put us in a compromising position where our fans have to pick sides — they really don't know the truth, they're coming up with what they think it is.”

He continued, “And he has a bigger platform, so if he says this, then it seems like everybody immediately [thinks], ‘Oh, he's right.'”

The Nashville native added that he has “nothing negative to say in regards” of the relationship between him and his former G-Unit comrade. He even shared his openness to “come back to G-Unit and tour and get money together.” However, Buck makes it clear that he has his reservations when it comes to signing a record deal with the group.

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