Fredro Starr blames Snoop Dogg for losing $1m deal, says he should’ve sued him & Dr. Dre


Fredro says Snoop cost him sizable deal

recalls missing out on a $1m deal allegedly because of . Recently speaking on The Art of Dialogue, the Onyx rapper recalled turning down a role on the movie Dangerous Minds so that he'd be on 's 1993 Chronic tour.

However, the tour didn't go as planned. A driver was kidnapped reportedly by members of Snoop's camp, and consequently, the tour was canceled just after a few dates. That was bad news for Fredro who had signed a $1m merch deal to be sold during the trek.

Worse for Fredro, his partners in the deal went on to sue him for the failed deal. “I stopped doing Dangerous Minds, all that shit. Dangerous Minds blew up. If the tour went well I wouldn't be upset about that shit, but the tour didn't go well,” he explained.

“We had mad merch. We had just signed a merch deal for $1 million. We couldn't sell the merch. So guess what? The merch n-ggas want their money. We got sued by the merch company.

“See, what we should have did was sue Dr. Dre and Snoop and them n-ggas because they was liable for the tour to get canceled. Somebody had to pay and it was us.”

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