Dame Dash says Biggie & Diddy were biting his & JAY-Z’s style


Dame says Big & Diddy admired their lifestyle

believes that during his upcoming days with , and admired and copied their moves. The co-founder explained the early relationship between their camp and Bad Boy Records during an interview on PDB Podcast.

“Big was the only person I used to smoke with. I didn't smoke before at all; we used to drink. Supposedly, Jay and Big went to school together but Jay didn't know him,” Dame recalled.

“Because we were getting the money and popping the bottles and all that, in that moment, we had always felt that Biggie and Puffy were copying us. They'd see us in the club and it seemed like the next day, a record would be made.”

He went on, “We was really getting money. No disrespect to Biggie but it was a different hustle. We weren't on the streets pitching work. We were [about] connects, connects, connects.

“But that lifestyle of [a] hustler, that was us. That was them copying us, for sure. So we kinda had problems. I was run up [on] sometimes. I was confrontational with Biggie and them at first, but we finally got cool.”

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