Cam’ron discusses past feuds with Nas & 50 Cent – ‘That sh*t was just music’


Cam recalls how he ended up beefing with Nas & 50 Cent

As the world witnesses one of the most tense moments in its history, Cam'ron details his past sour relationships with and .

“Nas is one of my favorite artists, if not my favorite artist,” Cam said in a clip he recently shared on social media. “When Nas dissed me, that sh*t hurt. I was like, ‘Damn, we grew up on Nas. What did Nas diss us for? Damn, this is crazy.' So when he dissed me for no , I'm like, ‘Damn, I didn't do nothing to Nas.' But it was when I just signed to . And I was like, ‘Damn man. Do we ignore Nas or do we respond to Nas?' To me, our back was against the wall because we didn't have no platinum album yet. was just developing. We didn't have no albums out. When we dissed Nas, that was our second mixtape. We put out one mixtape and then Nas dissed us. The whole second mixtape is because of Nas. But we had to do that because I'm like, ‘Damn, we just getting in the door after a f*cked up deal I had at Sony.' I'm like, ‘Our backs are against the wall. I would never diss Nas for no reason.”

The Dipset rapper went on to expound on his past issues with 50. “That's why I did it because I felt our back was against the door. When me and 50 Cent was going at it, that was fun,” he explained. “Shout to my n***a 50. We good now too. But when 50 dissed me, it started with an argument on the phone. When me and 50's battle started, it was because 50 had said, ‘Koch is a graveyard for a lot of rappers.' At the time, had just went to Koch and some other deals we had at Koch. And you know, Jim Jones is Dipset. So we sitting there saying, ‘Damn, he called Koch the graveyard and Jim just did a deal.' So we got into a little argument on the phone. To me, all that sh*t was just . Even when me and 50 spoke, we was like, ‘Yo, let's get to this money because certain sh*t is music and certain sh*t is not music.' When it goes past music, that's something different.”

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