Rich The Kid addresses Elliot Wilson’s remarks that he was ‘lucky’ to appear on ‘Carnival’ – ‘I made this song’


Rich demands recognition of his ‘Carnival' contribution

didn't take Elliot Wilson's comments that the rapper was “lucky” to be featured on & 's No. 1 hit “Carnival” very well.

“I kind of felt a way about that because I made this song, we made this song. I went in the booth, I recorded it, I didn't write it down, just freestyled it, and we made magic,” Rich explained to Complex's Jordan Rose. “And now you're talking about I'm lucky like the words didn't come out of my mouth, like I ain't say it. How the fuck am I lucky? I chose the beat. It was like, get off my dick.”

Rich added that Elliot should've applauded his effort on the track. “Like, ‘sounds like he perfected the sound. This is crazy. Production is crazy.' He should have said that,” he said. “‘I've seen Rich work forever and he's been grinding,' but you going to say some shit like ‘you lucky?' Come on bro. You too old for that shit, but it's all love bro. It went No. 1.”

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