Common says his forthcoming album with Pete Rock will be his ‘best’ work


Common believes he's working on a masterpiece

has a lot faith in his upcoming album with . The Chi-town rapper recently appeared for an interview on MusiCares where he explained the great potential of the project.

The rapper named the album among his to three albums with the other two being 2000's Like Water For Chocolate and 2005's Be.

“Y'all gon' think I'm just talking, but this new Pete Rock joint,” he said. “I'ma see y'all when I come back, whenever I'm back, and y'all can tell me if I'm bullshittin' or not. It's in my top. I've had a couple people coming in saying, ‘Yo, this is one of your best albums.' So I'm excited about it.”

Common originally announced the project in September and explained that he'd been looking at ' for inspiration. .

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