YG says his album ‘Still Brazy’ wasn’t what he wanted it to be


YG says he was in ‘dark ass place' when recording the project

makes a surprising admission that he is not a very big fan of his 2016 acclaimed album, Still Brazy. Recently conversing with on his 4Hunnid podcast, YG explained that his heart wasn't at the right place during the time he made the album, and as a result, it ended up with undesired vibes from his viewpoint.

“I fuck with certain parts of it, but you gotta understand…,” he explained.

“I was in a dark-ass place when I made that album. My album wasn't even supposed to sound like that. I started recording that album right around the time I got shot.

“I was just going through all that shit. And then I fell out with the homies,” he continued. “N-gga, I was in a dark-ass place. I had my newborn daughter but it was just dark. I was making shit that I didn't even wanna… I was trying to be on some other shit but it wasn't there. So I had to do the dark shit.”

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