Doe Boy struggles to believe Joe Budden’s podcast income


Doe Boy doesn't believe Joe has made millions from years of podcasting

recently appeared on 's podcast where he boldly inquired the “Pump It Up” rapper's total income since he tapped into the podcast bussiness.

“Altogether in the whole 10 years? About $4 mil,” Joe Budden answered to Doe Boy, who, along with others in the room burst into a laughter of disbelief.

“Yeah, I think about $4 mil,” Joe insisted. “Early on we were doing it for free. Then we hit a little lick, . Then n-ggas left, the building crumbled a little bit. My friends came to save the day. Probably about three and a half to four a half mil.”

Although Doe was still not buying Joe's numbers, the rapper-turn-podcaster encouraged aspiring podcasters to be consistent. “Years of hard work, y'all can do it to. It's not unachievable,” he added. “This is not unimaginable. If you work hard and keep your head down to the finish line and just focus on your content.”

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