Tay Keith says he knew Sexyy Red’s ‘Get It Sexyy’ would be a hit


Tay's intuition about the record was correct

knew from very early on that 's “Get It Sexyy” would be a big record. The producer made the revelation in a recent interview with Billboard.

“That whole situation is so crazy,” Tay said about how the track came to life. “We had did it in the last week of February or [the] beginning of March. I made the beat and we did the record that week. She did the snippet and it kinda caught on. So when she released the song, it took its course. It was a spontaneous song we had created.

“We was in Miami and had just left from Memphis. I flew to go work with her. I'm like, ‘We gotta get another big record.' When I had started on the beat, I had my producer send me some chops. We chopped it and I heard it and I'm like, ‘I know exactly what I had to do with it.' I made the beat from the sample chop.”

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