Joyner Lucas pushes back rumors that he tried to stage beef with DaBaby


Joyner denies reaching out to DaBaby for fake beef

clears the air that wasn't talking about him when he said a “lyricist” rapper tried to have him start a fake feud with him. Joyner came across ' post of the same topic and he quickly slid in the comments to push back against rumors that he is the culprit the North Carolina rapper was referring to.

“Man why tf everyone in comments saying it's me? Lol smh Jesus Christ,” Joyner commented on Akademiks' post.

DaBaby recently raised eyebrows when he claimed on Shaquille O'Neal's The Big Podcast that an unnamed rapper had contacted him so that they could arrange a fake spat, but he turned the offer down.

DaBaby claims well known ‘lyricist’ asked him to fake beef for publicity

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