Lil Yachty reveals surprising irony in Drake’s life – ‘He rarely listens to music’


Yachty says Drizzy only plays music when recording

is one of the biggest stars on the planet thanks to his outstanding rapping and singing talent, however, the rapper isn't a big fan of listening to , according to .

The “Poland” rapper recently had a conversation with Complex alongside James Blake where he revealed that Drizzy prefers to “talk” to people rather than play music.

“He rarely listens to music, except for when he's recording,” Yachty explained. “Just, like, in his daily life. Like, I wake up — music. Driving — music. Shower — music. Eating — music.

“He's more like a talking type of person. Music when it's time to record. Sometimes he plays music in the car but most times he'll ride in silence. Before we got close, I thought all musicians were like me and music was all everyday, everything.”

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