Jermaine Dupri references Sexyy Red’s album sales to explain why hip hop is ‘going backwards’


JD compares first week sales from his era to today's

is not happy with the first week rappers are able to attract these days. While recently speaking at United Masters' SelectCon panel, JD brought up 's album In Sexyy We Trust first week sales to support his point that is in reverse progress.

“People gotta stop lying,” he began, when asked about the state of today. “That's the beginning of the answer…The industry still tries to make you believe that if you a hot artist and you got a single, that selling albums don't matter…Akademiks posted today about Sexyy Red album only doing 28,000 copies.

“In the era that I came in the industry, if you sold 28,000 copies, you didn't get no other chance to walk in the building again. N-ggas was not talking to you if you sold 28,000 records. It's such a disconnect between people understanding the situation and actually what you looking at.”

He continued, “I came from an era where the numbers were 80,000 100, 200, 800, 900. This feels like it's going backwards to me.”

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