DJ Drama was originally going to host Travis Scott’s ‘Days Before Rodeo’ project

Days Before Rodeo cover art

Travis Scott originally planned on having DJ Drama host his ‘Days Before Rodeo’ project but it didn’t end up happening. During a 2014 Gangsta Grillz Radio interview with DJ Drama on Metro Boomin’s birthday, Travis Scott revealed Days Before Rodeo was slated to be a Gangsta Grillz mixtape until Kanye heard it and told him to just put it out the way it is.

“I got a text like ‘yo i want you to be a part of this project’ and i was so excited, i was so hype, i went and did an interview and everything.. like me and Travis Scott got a tape coming out and then the tape came out” says DJ Drama

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“I hit DJ Drama the day i knew i was gonna do this whole shit… it was gonna be a gangsta grillz, It was gonna be a DJ Drama, La flame. I had to do this, i never did this shit before… I played the album for like Ye and shit.. and he was like man this album, you should just put this shit out” Travis Scott says

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