Diddy once thought Selena Gomez was a valet woman

Diddy once thought Selena Gomez was a valet woman, despite her having over 70 million followers on Instagram at the time and releasing numerous hits in her career.

Selena Gomez revealed this during a 2016 interview with GQ. When asked what fame was like… she started the story saying, “Or when P. Diddy gave me his valet ticket once. Do you know what I mean?”

Interviewer Zach Baron, responded, “Wait, no, I don’t—why did he give you his valet ticket?”

Selena responded, “Because he thought I was the valet lady,”

What?!” Zach Baron replied

“Yeah!” Selena said, but she didn’t take offense to it, she thought it was hilarious telling interviewer Zach Baron,

“Look, I see all of it. I don’t care — I actually laughed hysterically when it happened. But I get it,” she said. “I know what all of it is.”

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