Queen Latifah gave Naughty By Nature their name

Queen Latifah gave Naughty By Nature their name

Before Naughty by Nature was known as Naughty by Nature, they were called The New Style. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Queen Latifah was asked if the rumors that she gave Naughty By Nature their name was true. Queen Latifah confirmed that she did play a role in naming the New Jersey trio.

“We basically were on 18th Street in East Orange, New Jersey chilling in Treach’s house or KG’s. We were all sitting around in the room, and they were doing something mischievous I’m sure. Once again we were all young and wild.” explains Latifah. “I was like, ‘Y’all just naughty by nature.’ They used to be called The New Style… [I said,] ‘You know what you should be called Naughty By Nature.’ They liked the name. Shakim liked the name, so they became Naughty By Nature. You’re welcome.”

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