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Fabolous paid Lil Wayne $100,000 for a feature in 1999, Lil Wayne recorded his verse in 15 minutes and left immediately


In 1999, while Fabolous was working on his , he paid Lil Wayne $100,000 for a feature. showed up, recorded his verse in 15 minutes and left immediately.

“They came to the studio. I think Steve Stoute gave them 100 grand for Lil Wayne [out of my budget]. They were scorching. This Cash Money in like '99. For the 99 and the 2000.”

Lil Wayne was 17 years old at the time and not only did he get $100,000 for his feature, he also got four bottles of Cristal champagne. 

“So the four bottles is there. We in the studio—we thinking that four bottles of Cris means they gonna come in, we gonna vibes, drink some champagne… Wayne come in, did his verse in 15 minutes, they was out. Took the four bottles with 'em. That's my first time even seeing something like that. I'm like: ‘This shit different.'”

The song was never released but and Lil Wayne do have collabs together

Fabolous revealed this during an interview on Drink Champs podcast for Revolt, about an hour and 15 minutes into the interview.

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