Big Flock Releases Anticipated “No Introduction” Track

Big Flock Releases Anticipated "No Introduction" Track

“Got a rack of good men behind the wall. They need n***as like me. It’s a lot of n***as I got not coming home” – Big Flock

2016 was a prominent year for the Prince George’s County, Maryland rapper, Big Flock. The Great Depression project was just released and everyone was tuned in to Flock’s channel. Sometimes, blessings don’t come immediately, they come when the time is right.

Flock served three years in federal prison and he wrote a letter that should be read. Despite being locked away, his music lived, and so did his fanbase, even growing stronger through the sentence. “They was screaming ‘free Flock til he free,” Flock raps on his “No Introduction” track, recorded on his first day home. On his first day home, Flock spent time with his family and recorded new music.

Fans have been impatient with Flock’s music releases, but, he’s fresh out have to give him time. Flock may have taken a lot of losses, but he’s built to win. Here he goes with new music, “No Introduction” to start us off.

Listen to “No Introduction” below.

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