Isaiah Rashad Cried to Kid Cudi’s “The Prayer” After Having Second Thoughts on Joining the Navy

Before Isaiah Rashad made Cilvia Demo and The Sun’s Tirade, he worked at Hardee’s for six years.

While working at Hardee’s, Isaiah signed up to join the Navy, but, he had second thought on whether or not he actually wanted to join. Having regrets, he turned on Kid Cudi’s “The Prayer” and broke down crying.

“You can’t go up there and be like ‘dawg, I change my mind,” Isaiah explained in the video with The Fader. “You can though, if you don’t go up there and take the test. I didn’t know that, so I had a real boohoo to myself to “The Prayer.”I was like, I gotta do this music, man.”

A guy actually slid $5 underneath the stall, to Isaiah.