The Weeknd’s ‘Kiss Land’ is the Only Album He’s Considered a Sequel for

If only Kiss Land 2 were a real thing

Chapter one (Trilogy) captured The Weeknd’s enigma behind the four walls that held him for 21 years — within Toronto, Canada. Chapter two (Kiss Land) are the results of Abel traveling outside the walls and experiencing life with money and a slightly different mindset, mostly out of his control. 

During an interview with Zane Lowe, The Weeknd stated that his 2013 effort of Kiss Land, would be the only album he’d make a sequel for. It’s his most cohesive, story-driven body of work to-date. To that element, this is why the album is the only album he’d consider making a sequel for. Shortly after the interview, he shut down the possibilities of the sequel actually happening. 

“There’s a lot of layers,” The Weeknd says on Kiss Land. “That is the only record I see myself doing a sequel to.”