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10 Things Waka Flocka’s Artist LA4SS Needs In The Studio

10 things LA4SS needs in the studio

On the fifth episode of our web series “Studio Essentials,” We visited the Brick Squad Studios in Atlanta, GA. LA4SS shares the 10 things he needs in the studio while recording, accompanied by Waka FlockaStudio Essentials EP. 5 LA4SS / Accompanied by Waka Flocka—Producer Ope Odumakin—Concept Jake Monir—Camera & Editor Baba Naira—Special Thanks to Ryan Fionda & Trey Keysor— Music Eric Campeau.

1. LA4SS needs an iPhone Charger in the studio. 

2. LA4SS needs Gatorade in the studio. “Stay hydrated”

3. LA4SS needs a book bag in the studio. “A book bag for the sticks”

4. LA4SS needs a video game in the studio.

5. LA4SS needs backwoods in the studio. “Gotta have the woods and the leaf”

6. LA4SS needs cameras in the studio. “A pretty vibe”

7. LA4SS needs house shoes in the studio.

8. LA4SS needs To. “Gotta keep To in the Yo with me”

9. LA4SS needs Jason in the studio.

10. LA4SS needs Quam in the studio. “He motivate me”

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