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Studio Essentials – 10 things K Camp needs in the studio


On the very first episode of our new web series “K Camp shares the 10 things he needs in the studio! Though he says he doesn't need much, we still made him give us the 10 things he needs while he is recording. Studio Essentials EP. 1 —Producer Ope Odumakin—Concept Jake Monir—Camera & Editor Baba Naira—Special Thanks to Naveed Hassan, Latina Santos, & Ryan Fionda—Sound & Eric Campeau.

1. K Camp needs a vibe in the studio.

2. K Camp needs OG, Runtz, and Don Julio in the studio for the influence.

3. K Camp needs his iPhone in the studio.

4. K Camp needs his iPhone Charger in the studio.

5. K Camp needs his laptop in the studio.

6. K Camp needs a candle in the studio which increases the vibe.

7. K Camp needs some snacks in the studio. Water and Snacks, preferably fruit snacks.

8. K Camp needs a pretty lady in the studio. which increases the influence.

9. K Camp needs some tea in the studio. Hot tea.

10. K Camp needs producers in the studio. Producers who can play strings and keys, ones who know their instruments very well.

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