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J. Cole was an extra on Dave Chappelle’s movie ‘Block Party’

Not only did J. Cole attend Dave Chappelle’s movie Block Party taping, he was in the front row. J. Cole had won tickets to the event which took place in Brooklyn and it was the taping for Dave Chappelle’s Michael Gondry directed movie ‘Block Party.’

J. Cole explained to a fan on reddit how he got into the event:

“Sophomore year of college. Long story short (aka this is gonna be long) I heard about this secret Dave Chapelle concert, you had to register and sign up online to go. The Roots, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Mos Def, Kweli, Kanye, Dead Prez.

They sent me confirmation back and it was on. Took my homeboy and roomate with me. BUT. Woke up that morning at 6 am to leave, and it was POURING. Some Hurricane level shit. We looked at each other like, “damn dawg, we really gonna do this?”

Said fuck it and got dressed. Had to walk to the bus stop in the rain, then wait on the bus in the rain. Now we’re Soaked. Hopped off the bus, hopped on the train. Took the train to the bottom of Manhattan to the secret “Meet Up” point. Some random Grocery store by the Water.

We were the first ones there. People showed up over the next couple of hours. Then finally, they put us all on these yellow school buses to take us to the real secret concert location. A random block in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

Best show I ever been to in my life. Fugees reunited on stage, Lauryn Hill was incredible. Plus the line up was crazy. I was just a fan of this shit. still am

Then you could see me on the movie, everybody was hitting me from back home like “YOOO HOW THE FUCK YOU GET IN THIS MOVIE?? I’M IN THE THEATRE NOW I SWEAR I JUST SEEN YOU””

You can spot J. Cole among the crowd in the video below.

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