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It Costed Wu-Tang Clan $300 to record “Protect Ya Neck”

The Wu-Tang Clan recorded their debut album at Firehouse Studios in New York, where Audio Two, MC Lyte and Das-EFX also recorded.

During a 2013 interview, Yoram Vazan, an engineer and owner at The Firehouse, the studio where the Wu-Tang Clan recorded Protect Ya Neck, revealed that it cost the clan $300 to lay their vocals.

It was like $300 or so. I remember they used to pay me with quarters! It was so funny. At that point I knew them for a few years; I always told them, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll come back.” Yoram Vazan told Red Bull Music Academy.

Protect Ya Neck was independently pressed in 1993 by Wu-Tang and distributed with “After The Laughter Comes Tears” label on the record’s b-side.

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