George Floyd was part of H-Town’s Screwed Up Click


was a rapper known as “Big Floyd” and a memeber of H-Town's Screwed Up Click.

The Houston Chronicle revealed that George Floyd was once a member of DJ Screw's Houston-based collective known as the Screwed Up Click. The signature slowed down, “screwed and chopped” sound defined the region in the 1990s until 's untimely demise in 2000. He went by the name “Big Floyd” and some of his is available on YouTube.

Floyd grew up in Houston's Third Ward and after leaving for Florida to chase hoop dreams in college, he returned to try his hand at music. Later, he moved to Minneapolis where he was murdered by four MPD officers on Memorial Day. Check out Big Floyd for yourself, sippin' lean is optional.

Rest in peace, George Floyd.

George Floyd was part of H-Town's Screwed Up Click

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