What does “Broccoli” mean in rap?

What do rappers mean by “Broccoli”?

The term and slang “Broccoli” is a noun, which originated in the Bay Area and coined by E-40 when he released “Broccoli. The slang “Broccoli” is used by rappers to reference weed, both broccoli and weed nudges are green and in that shape and/or to reference money.

“Told the doctor I’m a healthy kid, I smoke broccoli” – Kodak Black, No Flockin.

“Broccoli” was re-popularized in 2016 by D.R.A.M. when he released “Broccoli” ft. Lil Yachty.

Broccoli is slang for marijuana and/or pot.

Broccoli is also sometimes used to reference money.

The term “Broccoli” has been used by Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, Lil Yachty, Rick Ross, Chief Keef, Migos, Rich The Kid, and many more rappers.

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