Kanye West’s presidential campaign is being helped by GOP operatives


According to CNN, Kanye West's campaign is being influenced by the president's GOP operatives. They are trying to help Kanye get on the ballot in states like Wisconsin and Ohio the report says. The news comes as West named his presumed running mate, a life coach from Wyoming where the rapper has a ranch. This news points to 's campaign being leveraged by the president in order to disrupt Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden's support in the community.

Biden, who seemed to be doing a fine job disrupting the Black vote all on his own, was Vice President when Barak Obama notoriously called Kanye West a “jackass” during the VMA incident. Are these sour grapes or is Kanye being played by the GOP? Either way, West's mental health is more important than politics and many of his fans are concerned that he will be used and thrown away, further impacting his mental stability.

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