Travis Scott confirms album with Kid Cudi is coming


: and have more coming

Travis Scott and Kid Cudi are working on a full-length album, as he told GQ in his interview.

“I feel like I've learned so much,” Scott informed GQ. “I think with this next project I'm just embodying all of the knowledge I've taken in and trying to make the best form of it.” 

Among Travis Scott's influences, Kid Cudi is pretty high on this list. “Through The Late Night” on Travis' BITTSM album was just a preview of the good these two can and could do on a track. “The Scotts” is the latest edition into the duo's discography, which will lead us into their album.

We will also be hearing more solo Travis music, set to be in Christopher Nolan's TENET film. Kid Cudi is also working on a solo body of work, titled  Entergalactic.

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