Juicy J considers Three 6 Mafia the best group of all time


Who's the best group to ever do it? believes it's

In an Instagram caption, Juicy J writes, “Who the best group ever did it? THREE6 ……..The hustle continues.” This statement comes right after the release of his album, The Hustle Continues (THC).

In 2005, Three 6 Mafia released their album, The Most Known Unknown. Over the span of two decades and then some, Three 6 has put together a ton of that is deemed classic and they're still clearing samples from their previous work.

The Most Known Unknown the album. A lot of people question the title they wanna know what it means: Most Known Unknowns means that 3 6 Mafia is known, but at the same time they unknown, ya know what I'm saying. Ni**as don't realize it, niggas in the streets realize it, but the press and the industry don't realize. It's cool, it is what it is.” – – “Most Known Unknown Hits,” intro on Most Known Unknown album.

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