What does “On 10″ or “Always on 10” mean?

What does “On 10" or "Always on 10" mean?

What does it mean to be “On 10” or “Always on 10”?

The slang terms and phrases “On 10” (also spelled On Ten) and “Always on 10” are adjectives which are used to represent something that is really good; 10 out of 10 or to be moving militant on 10 toes and strategic.

On 10 means something that is 10 outta 10 or to be on point, attentive and moving militant.

Always On 10 means to always be on point, attentive and moving militant.

The slang terms “On 10” and “Always on 10” has been used by Tory Lanez, Russ, Baby Keem, Robb Banks, Co Cash, and many more rappers.

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