What does “Gangsta Grillz” mean?

What is Gangsta Grillz, what does “Gangsta Grillz” at the beginning of songs mean?

The term and catchphrase “Gangsta Grillz” is a tag by DJ Drama. If you hear “Gangsta Grillz” on a song or mixtape, it means it is hosted by DJ Drama.

Gangsta Grillz is a series of mixtapes hosted by DJ Drama.

A couple Gangsta Grillz mixtapes include Lil Wayne – Dedication 2, Young Jeezy – Trap Or Die, Freddie Gibbs – Baby Face Killa, Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2, Pharrell – In My Mind (The Prequel), T.I. – The Leak and plenty more.

DJ Drama has hosted over 100 mixtapes.

The slang term “Gangsta Grillz” has been used by DJ Drama, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Ludacris, Yo Gotti, Chris Brown, A$AP Ferg, Lucki, Mannie Fresh, and many more rappers.

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