Freddie Gibbs Explains the Meaning of His Next Album ‘SSS’


Indiana rapper, , also says he's eying to drop another classic

For a while, Freddie Gibbs has been teasing the follow-up album to Alfredo, titled SSS. The full meaning of the title has been a mystery until the rapper recently sat for an interview with Complex

In the conversation, Freddie explains that the three initials in the album title stand for “Soul Sold Separately.” He goes on to expound that he's striving to make another classic with the forthcoming effort. “Nah man, SSS, my ,” Freddie said. “Soul Sold Separately, that's my muthafucking all fresh shit. The new album is going to be crazy. This is probably going to be the best album I did. I think this one.”

He added, “I think ever since Piñata, I've been dropping classic albums, so I'm not going to stop right there. Piñata, classic. Bandana was a classic. Alfredo is a classic. SSS, going to be the same thing. I leveled up on his album.”

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He went on to reveal that the new record will have more features on it. “It's going to be more features. It's a little more sauce on this one I would say. Alfredo, that was just me rapping with…shit, I barely wrote a fucking hook on Alfredo. I was just showing n-ggas they can't better than me.”

Are you ready for Freddie's next album?

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