Freddie Gibbs says his next album is “another album of the year”

Freddie Gibbs is working with Pharrell, The Alchemist, Hit-Boy, and more for the next album

Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist put out their Grammy-nominated body of work Alfredo around this time last year. Complete with 10 tracks, the cohesive album is showcased Freddie’s rapping ability and the chemistry he holds with The Alchemist. Freddie’s next album is in the making, and he recently spoke about some of the expectations.

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In an interview with MixMag, Gibbs said, “It’s another album of the year. I’m about to go and work with Pharrell next week. Madlib, Working On Dying, The Alchemist, Sevn Thomas, Hit-Boy, I just talked to [Mike WiLL Made-It]. It’s gonna be the best-produced album that I ever made.”

Gibbs also noted that his next album will be abbreviated as SSS, which hasn’t been given a meaning just yet.