The Weeknd says his upcoming album is “the album I’ve always wanted to make”


has combined his past knowledge of with his current, and he's forming the bond he always dreamed of

In his most recent interview with GQ Magazine, the pop star we've grown to know as The Weeknd, has shed some light on his new body of work.

There's no release date and it's not complete, but he has a direction for the art. He played a couple tracks for GQ and he appears to be rather excited for this body of work to be released to the public — when it's finally completed.

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“It's the album I've always wanted to make,” said The Weeknd, also known by his government name of Abel.

The Weeknd also spoke about his debut studio album, Kiss Land, which fell short of expectations but defined exactly where he was in his life with an honest tone behind the music.

If it wasn't for Kiss Land, I wouldn't have been able to make this . That song that you just heard? That's Kiss Land, man. It's just me understanding how to use Kiss Land now, in my craft. But it's definitely my most honest record. I was the most naked. Most vulnerable. And it is what it is.

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