The Weeknd shared demos from ‘Kiss Land’ sessions

The Weeknd shared demos from 'Kiss Land' sessions

7 years later and The Weeknd is giving Kiss Land a fresh listen

On September 10, 2013, The Weeknd released his debut studio album, Kiss Land. The album was inspired by horror themes of directors John Carpenter, David Cronenberg and Ridley Scott.

Kiss Land just popped up iTunes charts as the no. 1 R&B/Soul album in the country, 7 years after its release. The Weeknd shared his excitement with his fans. For his 9th episode of MEMENTO MORI, The Weeknd played the samples and songs that inspired the album, as well as songs recorded during the session that didn’t make the album. Check it out below and we’re lucky enough to get rips of the music from the “Unrelease God.”

MEMENTO MORI epsisode 9: Listen here