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Andre 3000’s stepfather, Pastor Robert Hodo, played the harmonica solo on Outkast’s ‘Rosa Parks’

Andre 3000's stepfather, Pastor Robert Hodo, played the harmonica solo on Outkast's 'Rosa Parks'

Outkast‘s 1998 single ‘Rosa Parks’, released via LaFace Records, from their third studio album Aquemini features a harmonica solo from Andre 3000‘s late stepfather, Pastor Robert Hodo. The late Pastor Robert Hodo is listed in the song and album credits.

“After doing the track and hearing where we were going with it, it sounded like a hoe-down, it sounded porchy. And I knew [my stepfather, Rev. Robert] Hodo played harmonica, so I was like, ‘Hey, come over and play.’ And what’s crazy is he killed it in like one or two takes.” – Says Andre 3000, in a 2010 interview with CreativeLoafing about the album Aquemini. This quote specifically on how the Harmonic solo came about.

You can also see Pastor Robert Hodo appear in the music video for Rosa Parks around the harmonica solo part of 2:47 to 3:15.

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