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Grandmaster Flash created the Backspin

Grandmaster Flash was the first DJ to Backspin.

Joseph Saddler, famously known as Grandmaster Flash is one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop, his contribution has taken the culture very far. DJ Grandmaster Flash invented something in the ’70s called the Quick Mix Theory. Back then DJs didn’t touch the records, there was a method of picking up records and the backspin changed that. Flash created backspinning which allowed him to make his own beat on the breaks.

The Quick Mix Theory included DJ techniques like the double-back, back-door, back-spin, and phasing. Grandmaster Flash attended parties with DJ Kool Herc and Coke La Rock. He would later take DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore under his wing. Keith “Cowboy” Wiggins was the first MC Grandmaster Flash lets hop on the mic while he DJ’d.

Grandmaster Flash also created the Punch phrasing also known as the Clock theory.

Fun fact: Grandmaster Flash’s uncle, Sandy Saddler was a featherweight boxing champion.

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