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DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore created the Scratch and Needle drop

DJ Grand Wizard Theodore was the first DJ to scratch, back spin and needle drop

DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore was the first DJ to Scratch and Needle drop.

DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore was the first DJ to scratch in 1975 at the age of 12/13. Grand Wizzard Theodore’s older brothers Claudio and “Mean” Gene were a Hip Hop duo called the L-Brothers and introduced him to DJing.

Grand Wizzard Theodore was at home playing music very loud when his mother banged on his door and scolded him, he turned the music down to hear what she was saying. He turned down the speakers, but he was still holding the record and moving it back and forth listening in his headphones. He loved the sound and experimented with it, developing it to be the “scratch.”

DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore took time to learn and develop his technique, On August 18, 1977, he debuted scratching, and the needle drop at a party, and the crowd loved it.

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