Report: Young Dolph’s annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway was scheduled the day he was killed

Young Dolph’s turkey giveaway was scheduled for 2PM CST

The tragic news of Memphis, Tenn., star Young Dolph being gunned down in his city is still very fresh. The rapper reportedly was planning on having his annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway on the same day he was shot and killed.

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Fox 13’s Joey Sulipeck reported that the annual giveaway was scheduled for 2PM CST. Dolph’s lawyer, Scott Hall, confirmed this to be true.

Dolph, 36, was en route to the event when stopped at Makeda’s Homemade Butter Cookies to get some baked goods for his mom. Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis said officers responded to the shooting at 12:34 PM EST. It was confirmed that Dolph (real name Adolph Robert Thorton Jr) was the victim shot inside the cookie shop. Davis says he was pronounced dead at the scene.

During a news conference on Wednesday night (Nov. 18), Davis encouraged people to stay home. As of now, it isn’t confirmed if any cameras captured the shooting.